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Top-quality lawn tractors and trim mowers

Searching for a more efficient way to maintain your landscape? Look no further than Trux Outfitter for top-quality lawn tractors, trim mowers and snowthrowers at the most reasonable prices.

Simplicity Lawn Tractors

If you want the best looking lawn on the block, Simplicity is your answer.  Full-width rear deck rollers combined with true free-floating decks create ball park stripes.  Choose from fabricated steel commercial heavy duty decks or more traditional stamped steel.  Choose from models with options such as rear suspension for a more comfortable ride, high speed transmissions, auto traction control that continuously supplies power to both rear wheels for superior traction & less turf damage.  The variety of attachments and accessories will add even more value to your investment.  Everything about the tractors will exceed your expectations compared to any other brand on the market, whatsoever. 

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